Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Nymphos

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Weezy Baby,

Now I'm The Type of Nigga That Be Up In Tha Studio Faithfully,

She Ain't Trippin She Wait For Me,

I Tell Her When I Get A Break I'm A Break Her,

Off So Courageously,

I Got Dem Bangin Drums,

She Got Dem Alicia Keyes,

Ooh Girl Let's Make A Beat,

Ooh Girl You Make Me Weak Like Every Time The Track Break,

Make The Control Room Boom Like An 808,

And If You Walk Your Thong Into This Vocal Booth I Can Guarantee I'm A Make This Song All About You,

And You Know I Got Da Drank,

You Know I Got Da Stank,

It's Amazin How I Think But I Do So,

And Every Time I Meet A Girl She Tell Me That She Sang And I Say I Gotta House With A Studio,

I'm Jus Tryna Do My Thang Baby Video or Audio,

Shawty I'm So Smooth I Go Errywhere That Water Go,

Ooh So Bad, So Mean,

Make Me Wrap Yo Ass UpLike A Hot 16,

And I Promise You Ain't Wanna Hear Nobody Else Flow,

Welcome To My Studio, You Gon Love My Studo.

Now I could make miracles with tempos

It's instrumental

Waitin for the nymphos

That's the intro

Shook when ya rushed me,

Woke up and touched me

Why? Do you want to fuck me?

Just cause I'm paid in the worst way... True

Lookin kinda good in your birthday suit

I wonder if your wild or ya act shy,

Do you like to be on top or the back side?

Watch when you lick your lips, shake your hips

Goddamn, I love that shit

Now let's stop fakein be real now

I got a room and a hard on, Still down?

Met ya standin at a bar full of black dudes

Said ya wanna see my scars and my tatooes

When we head for my hideout, act right

Boss playa when I ride out, that's right

Oh Shit Baby Is A Dime Piece

More Than Just Fine

She's Personally Blessed From The Gods

If I Seen Her Right Now

She Could Get Me Hard

Didn't Wanna Talk To Me Just To See My Car

Never Had Sex With A Rich Rap Star

Til I Got Her In Theh Back Of My Homeboy's Car

Tell Me Why Do We Live This Way

Money Ova Biches Let Me Hear You Say

What's Yo Phone Number

Are You Alone?

Got A Pocket Full Of Rubbers Let's Bone

Time To Tell Ya Girlfriend To Take You Home

I Had Fun, But Baby Gotta Leave Me Alone

Picture In My Rhyme Take Time To Rewind These Ordinary Words I Say

If You Opening Ya Mouth

Bet In A Minute You'll Find It's Time

Let The Outlaws Play

Ludacris can't hide or deny that I wanna get you down to them Vickie Seeecretsss

And your body I won't misguide mistreat or misleeeeead it

Hate it up, love it, they can't cut it, so strut it

Number one shaker, like Vick's vapor I wanna fuckin ruuuuuub it

Louisville slug it hit em with a right left, it's goooooone

Tell every last one of ya girls how good it was and it's gone be onnnnnn

Soul Train, more brain for meeeee

No pain, no gain, it's so plain to seee

They be like "I've been feelin kind of stressed can you blow my back out? "

And I'm like "Yea but don't trip if I happen to yank a track out"

When I get done it's smooth sailin once I pull that 'Lac out

Next destination I move forward like Jerry Stackhouse

And 1, have fun, when you chillin with Ludi

We'll slow grind to slow jams while I'm feelin yo booty

We'll hold hand and hold times when I'm up in that coochie

You so fine I'm so sad that you feelin so wooooozy

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