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Lil Wayne's remix for Packers 'Green And Yellow'

Lil Wayne's remix for Packers 'Green And Yellow'Lil Wayne remixes Wiz Khalifa's single Black and Yellow and dedicates it to his idol team, the Green Bay Packers. The single is entitled Green And Yellow as the colors of the football team's signature.

Weezy went on, "They call him Big Ben, but he weak though/ We in Dallas, but we Lambeau Leap hoe/ Long hair, don't care, Clay Matthews/ We sh*ttin' on these fools, no bathroom/ Yeah, got a pocket full of big faces/ Throw it up, touchdown on Ike Taylor."

The Green Bay Packers will face off the Pittsburgh Steelers when the Super Bowl is held on February 6. You can read infos about Packers' players & coaches here: Mike McCarthy's bio and also about Steelers' team: Mike Tomlin's bio .

Taking place at Cowboys Stadium in North Texas, the NFL game will also see performances from Lea Michele, Christina Aguilera and Black Eyed Peas.

The "Glee" star is going to sing "America the Beautiful", the "Burlesque" actress will perform the National Anthem, and the Hip-Hop group are going to take the stage during the halftime show. Maroon 5 are also announced as a musical guest during the pre-game festivities, singing "Never Gonna Leave This Bed".

Most recent news suggested Usher and Slash are going to perform at the halftime show as well. Although it is yet to be confirmed, Usher and the former Guns N' Roses member seem to fit the list just fine since they have connection with BEP. Usher has joined forces with in his single "OMG", and Slash has made a duet with Stacy Ferguson in "Beautiful Dangerous".

Listen to Lil Wayne's remix for Packers 'Green And Yellow' :