Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - New Orleans Maniac

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This is the archetypal rock sound...

Okay this really ain't no rock shit but um...

Hollygrove monster, new orleans maniac, shoot a nigga up until his whole body ain't attached

Hi my name is best rapper alive. and your mouth is the best crapper alive

Cause you talk shit I get hit and walk it off like fuck that

Then I just spit like bockin doff

Call it bust back,

Attitude like fuck 'em all and I'm greasy and your boyfriend is a butterball .

What's geezy,

I mean what's good bitches you blind

Check my watch baby it be money all the time

Sunny on the side where I stay at, where am I A-at

I get pussy everytime I stay there

In the game room I don't play that

Bitch nigga get laid down where he lay at

AK at ya front door

Young zoe,

You can ask brisco,

Shoot til my wrist sour.

Coupe with a bitch low

Who with yo slick pow

I'm tired with the salsa in ya mouth is where the dick go


They like when I say yeah huh

And yo boyfriends a tampon

And I don't own land baby, I own a landmine

So step on my land and catch a bomb like anquan

Weezy F and the F is for franchise. you lookin at me it's like you lookin through ant eyes

Young money can't die, bitch we like hancock

Yeah I'm a martian what you sayin spock

I turn your beef to a ham hock, then I put it in a pan pot, shoot till my hand hot

I can't hear you sayin stop. I hear choppers sayin pop

I hear choppers sayin chop, I hear niggas screamin and shit like I say holla at cha boy bitch

But holla at cha boy bitch

I'm the boy bitch, not your boy bitch

Cause ya boy a bitch

Eastside low

And you can get yo ass beat fast like go go

Shoot a rapper when his album drop give em promo

Ya clown like bozo, they ask him bout the

Yo bitch all on me, you betta watch ya hoe though

She wanna come kick it like a? . Uh oh

Slick nigga fuck em then I drop em like a low low

Bitch want money like mils no no no

Nigga if you hatin suck a dick no homo

Boy I keep it gutter like

Yeah I'm doin what I do so nigga just do you

And my gun nicknamed

Nigga welcome to the young money age zoo crew

We starvin and you could get ate like

Niggas boo hoo cry muthafucker I'm heartless

I'll break bones and cartilage

You are just a mark muthafucker I'm a marksman

And I'm all about the green like boston

Pardon me nigga I'm talkin wreckless

You walk into a gun fight, knife no vest bitch you crazy

Just like the ice you wearin yo

Put em in the dirt make em push a few daisies

80's baby, soon to be rich nigga, king kong beatin on my chest on you bitch niggas

Paper I'm after so I'm on your ass now

Young money mothafucking cash cow

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