Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - New Orleans Magic

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This is the archetypal rock sound

Okay this really ain't no rock shit but um, hmh ahh let go

Hollygrove monsta, New Orleans maniac, shoot a nigga up until his whole body ain't attached

Hi, my name is best rapper alive

And your mouth is the best crapper alive

Cause you talk shit I get hit and walk it off like fuck dat

Then I just spit like barkin' dogs call it buzz back

Attitude like fuck 'em all

And I'm greasy and your boyfriend is a butterball

Was geezy, I mean what's good bitch is you blind

Check my watch bet it be money all the time

Sunny on the side where I stay at

Where M.I.A. at, I get pussy everytime I say dat

In the game room I don't play dat

Bitch nigga get laid down where he lay at

AK at ya front door, Young Zoe,

You can ask Brisco shoot 'til my wrist sore

Coupe with a bitch low

Who but you slick po'

I'm tired of the south so ya mouth where the dick go

O.k., they like when I say dat huh?

And your boyfriend's a tampon

And I don't own land baby I own a land mine

So step on my land and catch a bomb like Anne Klein

Weezy F. ans the F is for franchise

You lookin' at me is like you lookin' through ant eyes

Young money can't die, bitch we like Hancock

Yeah I'm a martian what you sayin' Spock?

I turn yo beef into a hamhock

Then I put it in a pan pie

Shoot 'til my hand hot

I can't hear you sayin stop

I hear Nina sayin' pop

I hear Choppa' sayin' chop

I hear niggas screamin' and shit like I say holla at ya boy bitch,

But holla at ya boy bitch,

I'm the boy bitch,

Not ya boy bitch,

Cause ya boy a bitch


Young Moolah crazy!

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