Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - My Name Is

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Slick diggy on my one and two

So sweet, what I did with a honey dew

No pun intended

No one offended

You just bet not leave your girlfriend unatended

I holla at her, holla but don't scream

I ask her why sleep if you don't dream

So let's stay awake

Besides dreams are fake

She said "ooh you deep" I ask "how deep can you take"

Haha my love boat in your lake

Baby can I stick my love note in your gate

Read it and weep

Sincerely fuckin yours, weezy F baby

And my name is weezy baby

And I'm young mula baby

Ok now shawty hair yellow

Shawty eyes brown

Shawty so gold

And so is my crown

Baby color me bad

Shawty toe red

And so is my flag

Purple in my bag

Black girls like dat

She don't wanna, she don't wanna let wayne go

She jus wanna wanna follow the wayne-bow

And I'm gonna let her

Cause me and her colors create art together

And my name is weezy baby

And I'm young mula baby

I prefer that you would just call me weezy

Eastside gangsta, and I be runnin this shit

Like the flanker

Black card banker

Hanker in the back pocket

And I wear them skinny jeans

So you see my fat wallet

That's right I'm a big shot

Call me little cannonball

Mr. get up in your girl mouth

Like some ambosol

Hip-hop president

And my girl eloquent

Don't she got more junk in her trunk than an elephant

Nigga I'm an animal

Watch me eye examine you

And my chucks are old

But I swear to you my flannel new

Man I get money manual

Then I just mame you

Bitch ass nigga I'm gone light my lam roof

Young money

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