Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Mentally Mind Blown

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Mo money (uh), Mo bitches

Mo worth, Mo haters, equals mo snitches, yea

Mo digits, no, mo commas

Me affiliated with trendsetters, equals mo drama

Weezy Obama, dat-dats my co-signa

You see Osama, in-in my persona

Steamin like a sona, I'm sick I need a doctor,

Stab you before I drown you now you just another red lobster

Where da bitches at? I need a head doctor

Nice thick n red bitch you fuckin with a top shot-ta

T-t-top dolla, nigga young money

We got old money, don't play dumb money

All black whips, all red flags

Put that red dot on yo head, play head tag

Real niggas listen, when I'm preachin to em

Now we all noe money talks, cause I'm speakin to em


But I ain't speaking to em

I call my guns jumpers cause my bullets just leaping to em

All you boys bustas, so soft, bet the wind blew em

I claim flame, I am just re-kin-dl-in

My in-tu-ition is get payed

But this glock will knock you back to 5th grade

I, school you niggas but none of yous get A's

Got a bitch who won't stop till everyone of us get laid

Lotta of you niggas are son of a bitch made

And if your girlfriend utter, I cut her like switch blade, yeaa

We ridin like roller blades

Now gon give me head till it fall off of your shoulders babe

I smoke a O all day, that's why I'm so away

Mentally mind blown now gon and blow away, yea

Ya'll niggas is super fake

I putchu niggas on mute, then I mutilate, yeaa

I Mac like the computer say

My hoes cooperate, I mean co-operate

I don't know how to say, oh but I gotta say

I just fo five away till ain't no one alive to say

That I fo five'd away, then I drive away

Paper chasin money runnin like andale

Better find a way, better not be in our way

I'll take your father than Zimbabwe

I make it harder for these wimps I stay on they neck no lettn up

And I tote that can opener don't make me bust your 7 up

Heaven up, hell down, man down, gal down

And I keep that hammer do you wanna get nailed down

Better kneel down, cause I am da god

I am da har-dest motherfucka to try it before

My diet is ya'll, I riot and war

Fightin dem all, bite'in dem all, giant or small, I am a dog,

I can smile at dum bitches and brighten dem all

I am a hog, ridin dem all

I just lay that pipe and I'm off

Call me plumber, and leave your girl my number, humber

I am a bumba, bee on a humble

Your girlfriend want my pickle and my cucumber

Tell your boyfriend I'll turn him to a vegetable

Break a nigga down to a decimal

I'm tellin you, I'm very cool, unless a fool, fuckin up my revenue

I tote that watever dude, I shoot at watever dude

Just bought a Lamborghini Murci-el-ago

And my girl from the bay said is hella cool

Wheres the helipad, my helicopter land

I shot the man, if I'm not the man, mhm

Do I go in, or I go in, I'm not your friend, I'm not your kin

I make your brain come out your chin

Been in the game since the begnning

I'm all about winning

I look down I see them, when I look up I don't see any

You pooh like Winnie, do I diddy

And I just left, but your boo right with me

And I'm from never do right city,

But don't get me wrong, Young Money I'm gooone

Yeaaa, Young Mulaa Baabbbyyyyy

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