Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Me & My Drink

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I'm in the lab no pad, no pen. Just a stirophome cup I could pour fo in.

Up in the studio me and my drank, being on a beat, I'm just doing my thing. Thinking bout a certain, a certain somebody, that perfect somebody. Sexy purple body, she got service road curves, and highway eyes, the road to ha soul, just follow the road signs and holla if u hear me. I love it when she's near me, I hate wen she's away, and santin will see the day that hell freezed ova before I let her go, and let one of you bitch niggas, get ha, no no no... You don't know how to treat ha, u don't know that I need ha. hey. Do u know that I need ya, cause baby right now it feels like the whole world is against me. Eva since the death of pimp c. but me

I'm up in the studio, me and my drank, me and my drink, me and my drink

U sit on 24's I sip on 24'

Drop a 4 in a 20 ounce and call it 24's.

I'm ridin out, leanin never not out. My girl trippin then I gotta hear my mama mouth. My homeboys say I should slow down a lil, but this shit I'm on make me slow down alot. u bottle pop, I buy a bottle pop. drop some syrup in it. Get out my waffle house. I live in waynes world, rappers in and hours out, and that's how we do, (do it and hours out).One more ounce would make me feel so great, wait I can't feel my face.

Up in the studio, me and my drank, me and my drink, me and my drink

Will somebody please please double cup me. and everybody please please don't touch me.(2x's) up in da studio me and my drank, me and my drank, me and my drank.

Now for all of ya'll who ain't heard of him. mr. m.o.e, the ball baby. was a southside livin legend. the 3rd ball... ohhh o...

It all started in '93, high school he was a fool, he was on the A team. with the dreams of becomin a ghetto superstar, rollin the foreign car thru the streets of 3rd wall. it was all mama leanin with a chase of mo e. eva meet this lady and a codine fein. and his team was as cold and everyday they rolled deep, niggas and hoes on dick cause that's his screwed up click.

Ball baby

I sip that big moe, I drink dat pimp c.

Rest in peace big moe, rest in peace pimp c.

And fuck what they say, mr. dj screw, I'm a do this for u.

Up in the studio me and my drink, me and my drink me and my drink

Yeah, I usually don't do this but uh...

Yeah t u got to feel me. sippin on some drink the color purple like ceily, really they say I should kill b4 it kills me, but so will a car crash so a 9 mm. I ain't even mention cigarettes or airplanes, so grab a sprit here's a pint, we could share wayne. yeah man. taste so sweet, and I ain't gonna have a seat cause I don't want to fall asleep. so just pour it in my drink, and I'm a sip until I lean hard, drink got me moving slower than a retard. so press record, and hear these hot reps. I'm in the booth cup on me like a jackster. now I will not never till the bottles empty than I'll pour a lil mo for pascrew and pimp c. (r.I.p). and I would stop but believe me I can't so till shortie gone it's just me and my drink.

Up in the studio me and my drink, me and my drink me and my drink.

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