Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Maneater (Remix)

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my shawty know what she doin lick her lips and get staright to it when she do it i say ohh it feel so good ooh so good u so good im so hood take her to the block tell her dont even trip ima stop right here get a bag of that piff we gone roll it on up and take that lift hi my name is wayne i came to get paid and alot of other micelanneous thangs stand up guy but came to get laid wheres my bed what i said is what i mean and you can take it to the haed i just come to do my thing gotta keep that man eater fed dreds swangin while im bangin when im finished still hangin yup ion know what u was thankin but im young and i been drankin now hop on up in that spankiin new drippin wet mercadez coupe got that thang lookin like a shiney suit now imagine dat wit me and u i be diddy u be mase eat me up enjoy the taste if i be wit it dont be fake ima put it roght there for u on tht plate cmon call me young weezy baby baby i eye yes im a mmmouthfull now lemmie see you digets<br />

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Thanks to Myron Hargrove

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