Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Magic

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Lil Wayne

rest in peace pimp c yeahhhh

lemme smoke up a.. magiccc ahh ahh ahh ow!

rest in peace pimp c yeahhhh

lemme smoke up a..

magiccc ahh ahh ahh ow!

rest in peace pimp c yeahhhh

lemme smoke up a..

lets know what the fuck is goin on

the dedication 3 .. count it 1 2 3


yeahh money makin weezy ,weezy makin money

i keep my dick in my pants but these hoes take it from me

i go to sleep on monday and i wake up sunday

i go to sleep with money and wake up with money

man im on bout 5 of em

my gir so thick you can see her ass from the side of her

yo girl just came in her booth somebody better give flame ina suit i got that bitch jumpin likea kangaroo

and the thang to do is to bang the screw

i live in the clouds like the angels do

hey traffic let my banggish through

hey ma this what i think of you ..

i wanna fuck yo head off and fuck you ankles loose ..

then drank the juice ..

im dangerouss

i got her blouse fallin off like the hanger's loose

mmm i be the monster in the closet

she wanna go to the mall i tell her hop on top my rocket

5 4 3 2 1 take off

john travolta with that head i suck yo face off

tell yo man to take the cape off

i put his ass in the pocket like the 8 ball

wait yall, i never been tall

but if i stand on my money ill be with god

like holyluya baby its, its young mulah babyyyy

Young gutta

hahaha yall niggas stupid

alright look

young gutta put the gun to yo head make it pop like a bubble

when i pop off you in trouble

gat to yo waist click clack niggas fuckin knee buckle

look at thse suckas

talkin this bullshit they dont know gutta got a full clip

and i pull shit

leave yo stupid ass wet like a pool bitch i dont bullshit noo

leave a bitch nigga stinking like bullshit

gutta aint the nigga you should fool with, no

these niggas know me nigga

nikes like janobee nigga...haha

Lil Wayne

ha ha

yo motha owe me nigga

yo brotha paid me nigga

yo sista laid me nigga

and i made your wife suck my weezy f. babies nigga

im still crazy nigga

fuck it right im wildin nigga i just made a hundred fucking millon dollars

nigga i aint even gtta rhyme i just made a hundred fuckin millon dollars <br />

<br />

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