Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - live from the 504

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Dro fuck wit me!

Live from the 504 it's mr.crazy flow

Jumping like a bungee no rope

Even in the dungeon i glow

Even if it aint sunny i glow

If it aint about money i go nowhere im nailed to the flo repeat

Money controls where i go it is the sail to my boat and its goin down its goin down like there's a whale in the boat

See u can smell that i smoke and yep i sip that lean U hit me wit that combination that make my eyes bleed

Ima shark in the water yep i swim wit the big

So i dont have time to deal wit willy the squid

LL-lilly pad niggas LL-look at the monster

YY-you dont want to crash like la la la bamba see it's me on the roney and terry And my new drop is berry water-melon plum just call it fruit punch

Ima old rapper gettin new bucks

And all you new rappers your just new lunch flow sick so sick need a doc yes a creature monster like the lock nest i gets hotter than the top before i sizzle to death i just tell th clock give me a sec in the middle of the war were my enemy at im runnin this bitch like eric b enemy back caue errtime i hit a track im like an energy pack the instruments are crying out whwere the sympathy at yea if u bet the money baby him will be back what ever ledgens look like bitch im fen to be that i walked right in hip hop like where my dinner be i ate that and i was like where my dinner be at i hate that woman lie so i lie to them go two bitches in my pants queit niether them that a lotta bitches want dick i give a lotta them that lets do a pill i could fuck u for a hour wit that to the kids drugs kill im adknowledgeing that but when im on the drug i dont have a prolem what dat and my niggas got gguns the size of toddlers bi- otch and we aimin right at ur fuckin collar bi-otch pow <br />

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Thanks to jasmine brown akak mizz_atlanta

Thanks to Devin AkA Yung Melo for these lyrics

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