Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Light Up (Remix)

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Hate is temporary

Love is necessary

I went from eating pussy to eating commissary

Damn... I am addicted. I need therapy

You can buy the answers but you can't afford to question me

First off I don't need you second guessin' me

Jail is like third base I'm comin' home eventually

Still got shooters like hot tubs man I'm anemic, still got blood

I'm in my cell readin' fan mail

Wish I was in Amsterdam sippin' Amstel

Thinkin' 'bout all of that kush that I can't smell

Man they did me wrong I feel like Nelson Mandel'a

I shine too hard my lamp fell

My name still ringin': Alexander Graham Bell

I know you ment damn 'cause you know Damn Well

That I still got you open open like a clam shell

Yeah, still fly on my hawk shit

My conversation stinks 'cause I talk shit

Stay in your lane you're on that double park shit

We eatin' at the top you need a spoon and a forklift

I got rap wrapped up like a gift

I'd be sober if gift was a fifth

I'm feelin' like Elvis–jailhouse rock

I'm not Tupac I'm the New Pac

Behind bars but the bars don't stop recordin' over the phone

I hope the call don't drop

Drizzy got the ball and I know the ball won't drop

And I pray none of my kids never wanna be cops

Young Money get 'em, Young Money got 'em

The boss got his feet up, vacating on an island

Yeah and tell your girl send the kite up

And even if you don't smoke motherfucker you gon' have to light up

Thanks to Ty for correcting these lyrics

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