Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Interlude No 1

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<i>[Smoking]</i><br />

<br />

What Up Doe?<br />

Hahaha.<br />

Yeah!<br />

This is No Ceilings, man, Welcome.<br />

I appreciate you for having this, if you got this, if your listening to this.<br />

Thank you.<br />

First off, this is for You..You-You-You.<br />

As always.<br />

Is a big thank you for coming out to all the nights and days on tour.<br />

Tours actually.<br />

For come and supporting me every single night,<br />

Even if you didn't come to the tour, jus-just Thank you.<br />

<br />

And Uhm...<br />

That's that GuddaVille playing in the background,<br />

my nigga Gudda Mixtape, go get that shit.<br />

And uh...<br />

I ain't gonn' talk to much...<br />

So...<br />

Ima get back to this blunt.<br />

And you get back to the Mixtape.<br />

<br />

No Ceilings! <i>[Echo]</i>



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