Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - I'm Good, No Great

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Ok, Boston Red Sox cap, I get baseball money <br />Used to do it big, but now bitch I do it Paul Bunyan <br />Cincinnati Reds cap, skinny jeans, black chucks <br />Hollywood shotgun, watch me make you act up <br />Saints cap, new car, paint that if it ain't black <br />Red light, press a button, make the top think back <br />That was tough, so are us, no such thing as sober up <br />You close minded, I shoot you in the head I bet chu open up <br />High yellow women with her hair to her ass <br />Bring her home, fuck her like a belt den I crash, <br />And when it comes to head, I get dat head of the class <br />I got them green backs like I laid on the grass <br />Lucci be my nigga, the east is up the building <br />Young Mula bait, the blanks already filled in <br />Fire alarm dick, them bitches wanna pull <br />Weezy baby nigga I ain't just good muthafucka I'm... <br /> <br />[Chorus: Lucci Lou] <br />I'm Goooooood <br />I'm Goooooood <br />I'm Goooooood <br />(Hehe No Ceilings) <br />I'm Goooooood <br />I'm Goooooood <br /> <br />[Lucci Lou:] <br />Yea, <br />Still no job bitch, but I ain't hurtin' <br />Phone still ringin' so I'm still workin' <br />Got coke for a starters drink if you still slurpin' <br />Even got a couple pills if your back hurtin' <br />Uhhh, they call me Mister Pharmaceutical, <br />I'm getting money every time I'm in the studio, <br />I'm getting money bitch even when I do a show, <br />I get the money even if I have to sue a hoe, <br />That's how the game go eastside play it cold, <br />We love the new coupes, we love the necks froze, <br />You could'ntbeat me if you could, <br />Weezy baby, Lucci Lou and we goood... <br /> <br />[Chorus]<br /><br />

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