Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Ice Cream Paint Job

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Young Money, syrup in the big shot<br />

Time to do the thing thats word to your wrist watch<br />

Shoot the glock till it burn till my wrist lock<br />

Rims hella big tires skinny like Chris Rock<br />

Ho hold the gun sideways like o'dogg<br />

Shoot a nigga in his face knock his nose off<br />

Make the girls say my name like a roll call<br />

Pain killers got a nigga bout ta doze off<br />

Big shit nigga talk big shit nigga<br />

Big bread bread like a picnic nigga<br />

Shake the whole game like the hit stick nigga<br />

Money spread like germs get sick nigga<br />

Yeaa, And fuck them other niggas,<br />

1 9 hundred who want It, I deliver<br />

Concrete shoes wont help in the river<br />

I dont care if you were Michael Phelps my nigga<br />

I'm higher than a mothafucka Alps my nigga<br />

I'm flyer than a mothafucka stilt my nigga<br />

Young Money shit top shelf my nigga<br />

We them mothafuckas like Milf my nigga<br />

UhUhm, Flow like Syringes<br />

Yea I'm in my mode got a code like Da Vinci<br />

I was in the trenches, now I'm in the trunk<br />

And everybody watch your back, when your in the front<br />

You ain't never safe stop playin with a gangsta<br />

Bring it to his face and he ran like a flanker<br />

Bend the girl over put her hands on her ankles<br />

I'm all over this ice cream beat like sprinkles<br />

<br />

Why thank yous, if you a hater<br />

I'm eatin, yous a waiter<br />

Pistol on my hip, Tomb Raider<br />

Holla at your guala, zoom later<br />

Young Tune nigga, typhoon nigga<br />

And if you think its sweet, buy a room nigga<br />

Die or move nigga, Im on my gang shit,<br />

She give me good brain like she studied at Cambridge<br />

Lightin up a mothafucking blunt,<br />

Stupid fruity swag like a mothafucka runt<br />

And I be with my dog like a mothafucking hunt<br />

and everyday of the week is the first day of the month<br />

Audemar Piguet with the diamonds in the face<br />

Can't tell the time cause the diamonds in the face<br />

We can get it poppin like a semi automatic<br />

And if you got beef I put the biscuit on the patty<br />

Rockstar tatted, big money addict<br />

Running this shit now Im feelin athletic<br />

I I'm on a boat bitch, gettin sea sick<br />

Stop playin Im fresher then a degree stick<br />

Street shit, well of course, I smoke mad weed<br />

I'm on my high horse, please don't shoot me down, I land feet flat<br />

Then walk a million miles with New Orleans on my back<br />

Haha, I need a massage,<br />

And when it comes to hoes man I got a collage<br />

Finger on the button, nigga just stuntin'<br />

If you ain't the bank teller don't tell me nuntin<br />

Kush so strong you can smell me coming<br />

bitch I go hard like the boy from 300<br />

You think ya kick it, well boy we puntin<br />

Young Money baby we the shit weak stomachs<br />

No Ceilings....Mothafucka


<i>[Thanks to zayyyyyyy for these lyrics]</i><br>


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