Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - I Think I Love Her

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now let me start by sayin i don't like this beat, <br />but i weatha the storm ima lightening streak, <br />uh, weezy f. baby i do it big weigh me, <br />dem crazy freaky b***hes tryin to Cirque Du Soleil me, <br />got some new b***hes trial got em laughin, <br />the one that gave me head can suck the nail out a casket, <br />shotgun on the kitchen table bullet shells in the cabinet, <br />f**kin wit me is like steppin on the tail of a dragon, <br />wet p***y is my cabin more b***hes than a pageant, <br />i keep a house full nicca call me bob saget, <br />spendin time backwards hotter than a cactus, <br />and we aint in the building we the f***in contractors, <br />Y Y-M motherf***er why hate it, <br />youngmoney down your throat you gotta stay hydrated, <br />quarterback weezy young Tom Brady, <br />open up yo mouth and catch a bomb baby, <br />good morning dude eagle street corner tune, <br />long doe no short bread no larnin doon, <br />im warnin you we on the move, <br />bunch of female dogs and garden tools, <br />thats b***hes hoes hospital full, <br />sick of my flows, <br />hip hip hop was washed up so i bought some change to finish my load <br />i load millions and more millions, <br />money to the ceilings nicca no ceilings ha ha<br /><br />

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