Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - I know the future

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straight from the bottom of the gut i give it to dese bitch niggas like mama taught me, one man wit no weapon at war but ima army, my flow has caught attention luteinent ya penny pension and they demolished that invention. you betta get yo dollas up and guess what i was up i get my cheese like mickey mouse or else you betta donald duck like a shootin range target i got all kinda bucks be my shooting range target nigga i got good luck nigga bye bye good luck got ya moma shook up lil bad ass nigga who popeye wasnt tough im on that lala twist it up im on that syrup slo it down and i like 4 freaks too and i aint yung jocs but its goin down i buy a marijuana feild and i just smoke it down big bad wolf yes i just blow it down. no homo its a hellegrove i will hold it down like a circle of knives i got the sharpest flow around<br />

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Thanks to Myron Hargrove

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