Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Hope You Got 9 Lives

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Tool on deck

Why would I lie

Nigga you a pussy

Hope you got 9 lives

I could hit a nigga with the 9-9 times

Country ass boy

Country like Leanne rimes

Mississippi d-banner

And lil weezyanna

Everybody got tools

So you will need a hammer

I'm a pill poppin animal

Syrup sipping nigga

I'm so high you couldn't reach me with a fucking antenna

Your fucking with this man

You can be this man dinner

The 9 give me brains

But the AK add leva

The rapper is insane

Flowing like a mad river

Make your ass quiver

Like you naked at winter

Hollygrove honcho

Hard time giver

I'm a shark in the water

You just long john silver

I got a girl

You want to meet her

Her name is 9 millimeter

Can you handle it

808 bang in the back with the woofer like boom boom boom boom

With my foot on the pedal and my hand on my strap

Got the engine like vroom vroom vroom vroom

What's up, you ain't never heard a nigga rap like-like this before

I got an addictive flow that'll give you

I'm a make you satisfied, even if it kills me

Even if it takes the slower minds, a little bit of time to feel me

Recollect the 15 million I sold, or the 30 times I went gold

And if you take 2 puffs of this dro, it'll give you

I've sold the most and noone's close, but I'm not meaning to brag

It's different strokes for different folks, like Angelina and Brad

Some keep the heat in the stash, put 30 keys in their Jag

And if cops ain't peepin your tag then you're gonna feel some

Pumpin' out albums like Reverend Run is pumpin out children, here's another one

So catch me on more 24's than Kiefer Sutherland

I'm bound to be the greatest, I'm determined to win

Until then I can't get no

I'm the one that went to the gunfight with a knife, and won

Left with his pistol and left him dead, the guy he tried to run

Just because my verse 2nd don't mean I am not the one

When I'm done I'm guaranteed to give you

I might not be the best in the world, but the best the world ever seen

I'm all been in Georgia's daughter Conde ding-a-ling king

And when I'm digging deep in the spleen, I'm a make the cream and she scream

Baby get me hard like a Snickers bar I give her

Yessir there ain't not other way so motherfuck what you say

Y'all had this spot, we took you off the top like a toupee

Them coke's been kick and pushed in this fiasco like Lupe

Back that ass up like Juve, cause the south we givin them

Ever since I signed with Luda and them, my chances of losing are slim

Y'all talk that smack but copycat and do a movie like him

Yessir my mob got that goodie, as if my group had a kid

We gonna continue to give them a double dose of

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