Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Hold Up

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bitch i'm me american gangster

weezy f baby born in the manger

trouble is my friend i ain't foreign to danger

clip full of rings turn you boys into angels

shoot ya in your halo, shoot ya like halo

new orleans a-hole, frio, fuego

all about my bread like bagels

They know I'm raw like ?quelos?

ball like gay hoes

weed so strong it's like I twist tornadoes

spit like nines, four fifths and 3 8 oh's

n-ggas want problems well I am problematic

it's back to picking cotton cuz you n-ggas cotton candy

I'm an eastside damu, deep water shamu

shoot you from ya head to your shoulders, shampoo

kush in the bamboo, p-ssy in the bedroom

pass that b-tch down like an airloom


hold up

hold up

wait a minute

hold up

hold up

we hustle till night fall party till sunlight

guns in the boxes, don't make this a gunfight

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