Lil' Wayne


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[Lil' Wayne]<br>

Okay, I'm talkin' about a<br>

Good girl, gone bad<br>

Crooked world, wrong path<br>

Right Mom, wrong Dad<br>

I sing this song mad, but not mad enough to shoot you<br>

But it just eats me up, like some bbq from Luther's<br>

In the mornin' with the roosters<br>

On the corner with the boosters<br>

And she's the freshcut and they're on her like sutures<br>

And I wanna talk to her<br>

But her Mama has to school her<br>

I wanna see her better<br>

She's the weather of my future<br>

I don't wanna see another hurricane<br>

Baby you can kill the pain<br>

If you just let me explain<br>

Trust me I know what I'm sayin'<br>

You will end up on the track of an oncoming train<br>

Stuck in the passenger seat<br>

Travlin' through the fast lane<br>


[Bun B]<br>

Well once upon a time, there was a Mom and a Dad<br>

Who on the outside had everything people wished they had<br>

A beautiful daughter, two story house, two car garage<br>

And a white picket fence wrapped around the front yard<br>

See Daddy was a doctor<br>

And Mommy was a banker<br>

Mommy's job got outsourced<br>

So now Mommy's dranker<br>

Daddy had a malpractice suit<br>

Now he's a snorter<br>

And all this shit's takin' place<br>

Right in front of their daughter<br>

She says, “Daddy what's wrong?”<br>

But he's just too high<br>

“Mommy what we gon' do?”<br>

She just get drunk and cry<br>

Caught in the middle of two wrongs, tryin' to do right<br>

Lookin' for answers alone in the darkness of night<br>

They say...<br>

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