Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Go Hard

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[Verse 1]

It's H-B Weezy Wee off the streets

Stay deep 'Cedes Jeep big feet

Gazer seats hold the bare floors

I faithfully hold to pimp whores

You ate with me and you gon get yours

This eight with me that's bullets through doors

Got haze in me now I'm so tall

Come blaze with me cuz Beaky got more

And now or later I'm major player

I ball right I need an agent player

Ay ma you tight you need to page a player

That's so tonight you can taste a player

I got the burner on the waist if you flinching

My shit turning on 28-inches

My shit burning like 500 plus

And this album's a three permer and a clutch


24/7 (Yes, sir)

I go hard (Go hard, go hard, go hard)

Not here

[Verse 2]

I claim squad game till no more Wayne remain

Bang my thing till no more lane remain

Use the left lane man cook up the cocaine

Dudes a lil game and get her to do brain

That boy Weezy is a bad mother-feezy

Me and Young Jazze at the back of one tweezy

I'm so breezy off the Velvie and the perk

Now I'm getting head on the balcony on Bourbon

Apple and Eagle is the street that I shop

The Birdman my daddy and we fly south

And we don't go to work man we get work out

And the bricks may go as low as ten up in the drought

Niggaz is selling and you should be buying

Niggaz is telling and you should be dying

Niggaz is yelling Cash Money till they kill me

C-M-B, I know you gotta feel me


[Verse 3]

You know if I'm doing it I'm probably doing it for the block

I'm out here bitch I got this here on lock

Come out here bitch I bet this here gon pop

I got ya slick this my year don't knock

Speakers from the front to the rear gon rock

Wood-grain handles to steer it's all hot

I never drove factory and I don't own stock

I drop that bitch on chrome chops, yeah

[Hook till end]

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