Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Full Clip

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Now wuht I look like?

N if it ain't money dhen I don't look rite,

And don't souund rite

I swear u can get a full clip not a sound byte,

*Suuu whooo* gang,

N if u ain't with it dhen u in dha food chain

I'm in dhat wide body I'm a need 2 lanez

Bluee seats white paint wetter dhen new rain,

Like a white person, with blue veins!

I keep a black glock, red dot, blue flame,

Feet hangin out dha windo jock my shoe game,

Cuhz all my kicksz fly, like LOO KANG!

Old player new game,

I'm focus I'm thinkin like I got 2 brains,

I'm in my prime I feel like a new wayne,

*how come* There is 2 woman but ain't no 2 waynesz,

I *dono* wuht u do buht I do thangs,

It's MR.every time u see me I got a new chain,

I'm flow crazy *i aint* too sane,

But I am the shit and dhey juss poop stains

Thanks to jasmine! for these lyrics

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