Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - FuckWitMeUKnowIGotIt

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Are you still competitive in the rap game?

Um, competition is different these days

That competition is competing for my awesome fan base

And my awesome fan attention

You know what I mean

For them still to see that

They love me and competing for they love

For them to still fuck with me and things like that

That’s my competition these days

And I love it

I mean it’s simple

Can’t fuck with us

I got money on your head

I don’t do my dirty work

I cut off my hands

I don’t even touch the work

I pray these niggers don’t fuck with me

And I don’t like the custom

And my girl pussy taste just like...

I mean that, believe that

Don’t be shy with that work nigger

To find out what your whole work nigger

We finally your mind to church nigger

I had to swallow your pride like a thirst

Could you get up

I don’t really fuck around with...niggers

Fuck all you niggers have my niggers

These niggers hustling backwards

OJ Kush keep my mind clearer

That chopper get your mind right

I got two choppers that’s chopsticks

So long since I’ve seen my eyes right

You know I smoke like dry ice

Better steal your lane and get...

Just going down let me straighten up and fly right

Still can’t turn a hoe into a house wife

Man it’s like some things will never change

Hey and don’t fuck with me

You know I got it

Yeah check yourself before I sign it

I’m shining on these niggers no horizon

Yeah and it’s going down if I’m her pilot

My new car is so robotic

My new bitch is so providing

Money talks yours like no comment

Black car race your profiling

Rest in peace cursed our four wallets

There’s an ego like the Muhabi

I get my work from Rico Suave

It’s so rolling if I got time on my hand

You’d rather see me broke right on my cast

Buy my weed so good I cry when it’s gone

Had a phone in jail, that’s the cell phone

I’m bout to buy machine gun

Make mountains look like speed bumps

I’m sitting on some plain tracks

Hoping that bitch speed up

I’m strong on and these niggers wrong

My sleeves up

Yeah, I got bad bitches on stand up

All my hoes got...

Celebrate with a red eye

Make a nigger fall back like he getting baptized

Put me in a house with a room full of...

My name ringing, my name ringing

Follow me I take your order

I said

Got so much built up you can smell it on

Fuck all you niggers in Swahili nigger

Ain’t nothing free here but Willie nigger

ASK 47 calling...

All my niggers blood, fuck your syringe

Chop his head off put it in the fridge

Try not to mistake that shit for dinner

Hey let me catch you nigger to America most

Every nigger round will be carrying a toile

Sedate a bitch like a nigger...

Tune in the G flying over the boat

I’m on my way from Panama I got a few on the boat

What you nigger make a year I could do it to blow

Keep on playing with me I put a..

D nigger sweet a perfume to me

I mean really like cartoon to me

Ain’t nobody fuck with you or me...

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