Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - February 18th

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Young Money In Charge.

Yes It's Little Wayne But The Money Enlarged.

Priorities Young Money And God.

Now They Wanna Know How I Be Getting Money On Mars.

Cause I Be Gettinq Paid Lik Outta Thiss World. Hip Hop Is A Bitch And I'm Proud Of These Girls. But When Sharks Go You See How The Fish Curl. Thiss Is Ma Game You Gon Need A Referral. I Know More Bout The Trees Then Tha Squirrel. We Dnt Talk Much But That Heat So Verbal. Brand New? Thermal. Done Outside Of The Gear External. I'm So Fly Ya'll Still At Tha Terminal. I Put Ya In Tha Dirt Give It Cause I Seem To Wonder. Itss Out Bitch. Admire && Acknowlegde It. And Respect Ma Conglomerate.

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