Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Eat Me Up

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My shawty know what she doin

Lick her lips then get straight to it

When she do it

I say ohh wee

Feel so good

Oo so good

U so good

I'm so hood

Take her to tha block tell her don't even trip

I'm a stop right here get a bag of that piff

We can roll it on up and take that lift


My name is Wayne I came to get tamed

Lotta otha misscellanious thangs

Stand up guy but came to get laid

Wheres my bed

What I said

Is what I mean

And u can take that to tha head

I just come

To do my thang

Gotta keep that man

Eater fed

Dreads swangin

While I'm bangin

When I'm finished

Still bangin


I dunno what u was thankin but I'm young and I been drinkin

Now hop on dependent spankin new

Drippin with mercedes coupe

Gotta dame lookin like a shiny suit

Now imagine that with me and u

I'll be diddy

U be mase

Eat me up enjoy the taste

If I be with it don't be fake

I'm a put it right there for u on that plate

Come on call me young weezy baby baby I yes

I'm a mu mu mouthfull

Now lemme see u digest

Thanks to Mastermix-Nelly Furtado's Maneater for these lyrics

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