Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Do's & Don'ts Of Young Money

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<i>[Lil Wayne talking]</i> <br>

The Do's and Don'ts of Young Money Cash Money. <br>

Rule fucking number 1. <br>

Don't fucking do one fucking song on a motherfucking album,<br>

Get one motherfucking check, and go fucking crazy,<br>

And then get dropped from the motherfucking label,<br>

And now you got your motherfucking fans like <br>

"What happenend to you?" <br>

"When you comin out?" <br>

Ahh! ahhh! <br>

"I'm coming out, I'm comin out!" <br>

"Are you coming out with Wayne?" <br>

"Nah I got my own record label" <br>

Man what the fuck. <br>

What the fuck!!! <br>

Don't you do that, thats a no-no. <br>

That's a young money cash money no-no. <br>

Rule-Don't go there. <br>

I don't care if a nigga gave it to you in navigation, don't Go there. <br>

Understand? <br>

Rule number 2. <br>

Don't fuck with nobody's girl <br>

And rule number 3... <br>

Nobody has a girl <br>

HOLLA!!!! bitcch <br>

Ummm <br>

Rule number 4 is to respect rule number 5 <br>

And rule number 5 is, Bitch! You try anybody round here <br>

We gon kill ya! <br>

Ya understand? <br>

We're not gon' fight ya <br>

We're not gon' have Reverend Al Sharpton sit us down and talk nothing bout nothing...nothing <br>

Lord bless the Dead, Pimp C gone <br>

He ain't gon' sit us down and schedule no talks <br>

Bitch we gon' kill ya <br>

One dot com nigga <br>

Log on bitch <br>

Yeah <br>

Yeah don't- <br>

I hate- <br>

Don't check-don't you ask to check nothing of mine <br>

If I'm comin into your place of business <br>

And you scheduled for me to be there <br>

Bitch, I don't have to be there <br>

I have a very nice home <br>

Ya understand? <br>

And-I-I-Boy, Look here <br>

Just don't be tryna check me dude <br>

I ain't tryna steal or hurt anybody in none of them places <br>

I'm rich as a motherfucker and thats the last thing I want, <br>

A confrontation or a problem. <br>

I am trying-I am-Son, Don't check me. <br>

(Dedication 3 bitch) <br>




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