Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Do What U Do

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(Coppo, hold me up daddy)


And you can do what you wanna,

Cause I do me and I do it real

Well and yes I, I'm a get by and I'm a get

Mine so tell the haters I say that I'm doin

Jus fine

(I do me baby!)

Yea they try to get me when I'm no

Not lookin, but word to ma mama I'm cookin,

I'm jukin like o.J. simpson I'm innocent, grind

Even if I'm blind I'm a benefit,

And I'm smellin like a new box,

Of benjemines, black card and a gucci

Wallet Holla!, and I charge so much

It's a penalty and I travle so

Much it's a penalty, Ladies and gentleman what you gone do the gun fit in the timberland the timberland boot, and I'm so invisable, invisable to you, and you caint see me

And your see through, young money baby

Wats up with ya'll! if ya boi don't do nothin

He gone bring it back home, if the money don't move imms move till I get it, and let the sideline see me with it now time out!

We know the cops don't like us,

Because they wanna rock just like

Us and even if I new you since diapers

If your a cop now you are not just like

Us, I'm a ryder baby I wouldn't lie to you I prolly live for but I wouldn die for you, and I'm high to the point of too high, if a nigga come down it a be a suacide and the difference between

You and I, I'm a get ahead you gone get

Behind me and watch me do my thing and every day give all thanks to my king.

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