Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Dedication 3

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yeah already you better call

every paul burrier in yall area the ball carrier gon get popped

if he comin round the block

and swing drive get stop

he gon drop like a flop

on the court i love sports thats why i play my b**ches

cuz i got game thats why you pay my b**ches

yeahh same hustle new money

im just hiphop been like two bunnies

who run it,

b**tch nigga moi,

that was french nigga not,

a kiss nigga nah

Ha no homo,

rappers get ate like 4 on 4,

they say i f*ck so and so

and i be like so so and so

nikes on they neck, they be like let me breathe

im sorry but i cant this is how we be

this is why we hot

this is how we freeze

to fast to follow this is why we lead

and the money in our pockets is just why we gs

see this is how we shoot,

this is how we leave

go get your scale this is how we eat

you can get the steal,

if you try these peas,

now pass me the swishers let me climb these trees

and the haters said we couldnt this is why we b's

this s*it like puddin

puttin it down like gravitys pullin

puttin it down like gravitys pullin

puttin it down like gravitys pullin me to the ground

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