Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Dedicated

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Shout out the blue flag,

Shout out the red flag,

Shout out the black flag,

Fuck the white flag.

I ain't talkin bout no gang bangin I just meant that

surrender flag cause I don't know if niggas really

reppin' white flags and shit.

So I mean the surrender flag so I don't get in no trouble.

No nigga be shootin at me I don't know what the hell happened.

Nigga, a group of white flag niggas come in,

"Nigga we the white flag niggas." Like I'm sorry my nigga, damn.

Shout out Drama, thanks again for lettin me do this shit.

Dedication 3, can't wait till Dedication 4.

And uh, this one right here man this one was for my

fans this was for young money this was for ya'll of course.

But this was for young money for ya'll to understand

what I'm tryna do and ya'll to get a lil wiff of what

I've got cookin over here and see what niggas is tryna

do. Plus I wanna make it clear that every artist you

hear on Young Money is most likely to be doing their

own thing somewhere else so what I would love for you

to do is to get, don't just listen to them over here

actually get into them and see what they're doing everywhere,

cause if they're good over here most likely they're great there.

I mean so, pay attention to 'em, they're makin moves.

They're makin moves.

And if you wanna be down with us,

it's easy. It's easy. Give a nigga some head or somethin.

Haha. No homo, not to the niggas though I ain't lookin

for no more rappers.

I don't even wanna try, I'm straight.

I'm lookin for straight, beautiful women. Naw I'm lyin.

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