Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Days And Days

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feat. 2 Chainz

Money ain’t shit, bitches ain’t either

You know I’m that grass, don’t cut on the sprinklers

Pussy on my mind, on my breath and on my fingers

Niggas try to bite my style,

But my style a hallopino

I got skinny ass jeans, trucks on the pockets,

Money talks nigga, I’m caught up in the gossip

You know all my bitches badder, and all my swishers fatter

I milk this shit like cattle, that’s my word like scrabble

And your main girl is a hoe, I go range wearing her throat

She swallow so many nuts,

You fuck around find a squirell in her throat

I go tapeworm in that hoe,

Let my snakes grime in that hoe

Nigga we take turns of that hoe

Weed is so green it glow

I am the best thing since wet pussy

On my private jet with my chef cooking

So big headed, my neck crooked

My niggas foul when the reff’s looking

My big bro is mack maine, so much weed I got grass thangs

These nuts that’s bags claim, I’m on them trees like candy canes

Lil tunchi!

2 chainz! I might book me for a show

Charm her ass to low, and pick up the whole dough

Fast hustling, I was high in my class pictures

I like maths, all i did was add bitches

Swag a good low, got your girl on all 4’s

It’s not doggy style, I call it froggy style

You dog her out, I tell her hop in

2 chainz, my first chain had a twin

Gas in my blunt, watching espn

And if that pussy good, I wanna see her again

I’m from college park and I got your broad with me

Soft water pull, I can put a shark in it

bam bam all in it, plus I heard pistol

Last name fuck, first name I don’t give a

Pockets look pregnant, they bout to deliver

So when I start tippin, you know the procedure, yeah

All my niggas gangsters, all my bitches freaks

I tickle her pussy, got that pussy tickle pink

I’m the heart of the streets, and I just skipped a beat

And if that pussy sweet, I want that candy, trick or treat

I got diamonds in my teeth, so all my words are precious

I’m so fucking hot ass

I’ma need some more s’s man

I’m on some other shit

I want another bitch, that want another bitch

And I don’t cuddle bitch, I hit her with that shovel dick

I got in that pussy and duck a ditch

Some people gotta punch the clock

Man I rather punch a brick

Cause I’m that nigga, and I’m so cold

I just shiver

These niggas think they hard

These niggas just nipples

I pop a nigga like a sickle

Drop a nigga like a missile

More money, more issues

I side you up then fit you, tunchi!

Thanks to alkatel for correcting these lyrics

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