Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Damage Is Done

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[Verse 1]

Runnin' from the scene, Hammer in my jeans

Dead bodies behind me, the cops'll never find me

Arm & Hammer Clean on my way to the honeycombe

Hustle all night tell my bitch I'm never coming home

Be there in the morning, stop cryin' bitch

The sun is home, drop it on the living room table

Bitch the money home, I know you ain't gon' stay once the money gone

So while I'm rich I pull my dick and get my fuckin' on

Youngin' on some real "Gangsta Gangsta" shit

Blame it on the neighborhood I was sanctioned in

But I'ma make sure we get them acres

Tell 'em fuck computers, we good with paper

Tell 'em fuck the world 'cause I'm hood by nature

Feelin' that way is how the hood'll make ya

The hood is vacant, the streets are empty, yeah

Mr. Bush, rebuild the city, but

[Verse 2]

Yeah, over like yesterday floatin' to the floodgates

This is New Orleans, welcome to the blood state

A blood bath, and you ain't nothin' but tub bait

No political justice not even the judge safe

If his ass can't swim he get a closed case

We need our own space, I ain't talkin' about Jupiter

No luck, no help and we the fuckin' future

I'm a hoosier, usually the cool one

But when I need it, I turn into a looter

God forgive, but do he forgive the brutal

Even when it's for the better of your junior

Soon you see that life's just another movie

And the main character dies at the end, usually

There's nothin' that haven't been done that you can do to me

I been hit, I been shot nigga shoot at me!

[Verse 3]

Yeah, Money on the mind, murder in the plans

Disturbin' if you may, but it's dinner for the fam

Hustler by law, support when I can

Hustle when I can, tell me nothing I'm a man

Smell my shit as I walk off the stand

Nuts to my feet with my heart in my hand

Pardon my G, but I'm one of a kind

Been shot two times, here to put it in a rhyme

Slow lane, move the Coupe like a 5

If I get pulled over, bitch I'm gon' do time

And I know my niggaz love me, but they can't do mine

So I gotta be smart, get bread or get behind

Get lost or get in line

But the carpet's still fine

So keep tryin', the whole world turnin' back

But we keep tryin' until we get our piece, no piece

Keep Firin'


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