Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Cashed Out

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As another Lexi Impalas

These last four years been good to me

A couple of hoes and a couple good 90 counts

Some here, some off shore

Nigga call me MacDrummie

The fuck niggas? No fuck niggas

My blunt bigger, needs real niggas

Keep stuntin' with your bitch ass

You'll get jacked and jill nigga

Fuck around with these sissy niggas

I'm smokin' on BO Bigsby nigga

I'm spendin' money, spendin' money

Ben Franklin – dizzy niggas

Your bitch on my dick

I told ‘er I was busy

She say Wayne on me, Wayne on me

‘Cause your ass need drizzlin'

That pussy came gift wrapped – bow and a ribbon

And if she bounce that ass then I' dribbin'

That pussy so wet and turned to a gremlin

There's only one me, ain't no equivalent

She give me brain, brain like Trivia

I got a black bitch and a red bitch

I call them hoes invariant uh

Choppa like you face off

Black shades – Ray Charles

I'll be killin' them hoes

I got your hoe up in my graveyard

I ain't workin' with a full deck

But I pull out that ace card

She grabbed that good with 2 hands

Like she about to pray for it

Cliffs hangin', no curfew

Buck you and who burk you

I'm shinin' like church shoes

Bird my jury all bird food

I'm ‘bout it

I said I'm ‘bout the country over the mount

Water fountain – when I'm on that scene I'm on that lean

I'm drowsy, man I'm so high I don't know what I'm laughin' ‘bout

I got bars nigga and it's happy hour

Ride around with them choppas not them ninas

Ride around with a bitch named Molly and she on molly

Bitch I put my friggin' ass – karate

Man these niggas can see me like a diary

Smoke that weed, let's get iry

In the chateau, that bitch got a silencer

Top of the gun – there is a scope

I close one eye, I look like a pirate

Fuck it, chuck bit my bitch up

Tunechi with big nuts

I'm getting my dick sucked

I blow weed like it's dust

Spacy, love pussy, hate fish

Just bought my girl a Ferrari Spider

Told ‘er drive it like you got 8 legs

I'm a made nig, Machiavellic

That Mac and Larry – necessary

I'm a hotheat, I pop the cherry

No pussy, no racks, no Tom & Jerry

Keep saying friends are your enemies

Well my friends are imaginary

I'm the motherfuckin' resolution

Like the 1st of january

My ride cold and my bitch hot

I'm tired as hell but my dick not

I don't gas no bitch, no pitstop

Smoke Barney and baby bop

Y'all niggas act like lady cops

My niggas smoke like coffee shops

That serve gang, wipe the house

Gunfight – I knock you out

My bitch titties is poppin' out

We pop a number, we get it poppin'

Mask on, gloves on – like Mickey Mouse, clip sticking out

Like nick ya ass

Smokin' on that sticky bag

Weezy F, I'm big and bad

Small fee but I'd kick ya ass

I'm a trigger man in that shootin' star

Eat that pussy like caviar

She treat that dick just like a straw

How you like them apples, Microsoft?

Now wipe that off

I do never Sundays church

Step up in that motherfucker fresher than some circs

Uh, who the fuck is Steven Jay?

I got the ball, plan to keep away

Kidnap yo ass, kill yo ass

And hide your ass like a easter egg

It's highly growth to my deathbed

Just make sure my pillow's fluffy

Hit a nigga with a million shots

What you call that? A million bucks

Good weed we pass around

Money talks mind, got a nasty mouth

It's young money, cash money

To the motherfuckin' day I'm cashin' out


Ride around with them choppas not them ninas

Your bitch wanna come over here where the grass is greener

And if you pass that weed on the YMC

Adlet Tunechi, follow the leader bitch

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