Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Freestyle)

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I got 'em

Young Carter on the A-team if it's in alphabetical order

Used to daydream

About Benzes and Porches and by 18

I had a Benz and a Porche

I'm so used to stuntin on ya'll

So tired of ballin

Excuse me if I yawn

But I know what I'm doing

Out the window of the jet U C LA like a bruin

New coupe foot to the floor

Weather man make it rain

Turn sugar to snow

You know

But watch how you speak

And in the streets

You can't trust every smile you meet

And you ain't as important as the new addition is

Ralph Trasvan

Ooh they so sensitive

And it's the remix baby

And I'm a knock it out like a Felix baby.

God damn I'm fly and my troop so cool

I don't have to lie

Hop in my car and go Kanye West

With my groovy Louie Vuttons Gam Yes vest.

Let em hate though

I'm on my way to the bank, LMAO.

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