Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Bring It Back

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Matthew, look! oh lets go


my flow is like niagra falls

yall mess up again you'll get dropped like halls

i never fail to set it off like juvi

my skills will melt you; yeh gooey

i aggitate these fools till they cry

ya'll seem sick whooohaaa; bye- bye!


matthew johnson is always so nifty

if you want some beef go to the supermarket

hey girls, pay attention so i can show you how i embark it

i can't help the fact that i' super smooth super fly

but i always manage to make it stuperfied!

Hook: I am your worst enemy, naw better yet your companion

I make humungus rymes sorta like a canyon

if you disagree you will find the fury in me

i always seem to make females get girly for me! uh-oh! Whoo!

Verse: 2

Remember what I say don't test me

peoples will end up with the best fee!(HAAH!)

I make dudes get back get back like luda

Touch me one mo time and sew ya!! (fo real?

yeah for real I'm a trooper. He said trooper!

don't do that there or i'll scoop ya.(scoopy doop)

i play your computer like compaq!

Escape Escape he's like a wombat!

I actually mean a ferocious wombat!- you do

Don't play okay or you'll lay where bugs sat(on dirt!)

Hook x2

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