Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Break Up

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<span class="feat">(feat. Short Dawg, Gudda Gudda)</span><br>


<i>[Lil Wayne]</i><br />

(No Ceilings muthafucka)<br />

Nice tires on da ghini,<br />

you should wanna king me<br />

Brain dead flow, vegetable zucchini<br />

I live on the beach,<br />

she walk around in her bikini<br />

Girls are like school,<br />

and i cut em like seniors<br />

Im here to distinguish,<br />

the bears from the penguins<br />

Life is just a gap,<br />

get some money in between it<br />

Glocs like police,<br />

pumps like fenas<br />

This beat gettin totaled,<br />

Pam,Keisha,Kemas<br />

Sittin on da World,<br />

thinkin bout a girl<br />

Pistol on my side,<br />

paint you like mural<br />

Dig in my pocket,<br />

pulled out the party<br />

Be cool before you get stumped and pulled out the party<br />

Ha Ha Hollygrove shit, im on my Hollygrove shit<br />

Lookin for a bad bitch, I give her dinosaur dick<br />

Big bad flow Weezy, fuck the polices<br />

Church like a choir and a couple of old priests<br />

Elevator in my crib cause its five floors<br />

Im not expectin you to have one inside yours;hahe<br />

Vince Young, suicide doors, haha,<br />

life’s a bitch ; now die for her.<br />

<br />

<i>[Short Dawg]</i><br />

I have the type of flow n-ggas don’t have to like,<br />

my rhymes is ambidextrous so I don’t have to write,<br />

the way I’m eating n-ggas wish they had my appetite,<br />

straight up out of Texas and I’m major like apple white,<br />

I pull four then I hit the exit door,<br />

take a trip to Macy’s cop the whole second floor,<br />

hood smell the scent of money coming out my pours,<br />

yeah my pockets full of dead people like a morgue, bore,<br />

I made it from a flyer to the forbes, (see me)<br />

Young Elvis Freshly, yes he flyer than the store<br />

dropping babys out and your chicks cheek, kicks neat<br />

got your son looking up to me like I’m 6 feet<br />

your daughter need someone to save her, not me,<br />

I'm knocking hoes down like Laila Ali,<br />

try hit and imma put the toaster to ya kidney,<br />

then I pull off in a Bentley top open like a chimney<br />

Damn, its No Ceilings like a Colosseum,<br />

candy slab, paint dripping like gonorrhea,<br />

the way Im leaning I’m annoyed if I stand still,<br />

flow harder than an anvil,<br />

short (short)<br />

<br />

<i>[Gudda Gudda]</i><br />

Ok, its Gudda hoe,<br />

all about my bills like buffalo,<br />

your bitch under my sheets,<br />

I heard she was an undercover hoe<br />

purple got me moving slow,<br />

like I’m in a snail race<br />

pop pop pop 3 shots to the head,<br />

then I pick up my shell case<br />

leave em with a pale face,<br />

yes I am a young money goon,<br />

your girl like a motion picture she gon be coming soon<br />

i do a certain rule, i pop her like balloons,<br />

I pass her off to Millz then drop her off to tune,<br />

couple screws lose, you don wanna play with him,<br />

this is No Ceilings bitch, roofless like a stadium,<br />

we shut down every fucking spot these bitches see us in<br />

you want us your club, well nigga pay us then,<br />

all grey BM, Im getting from my baby M,<br />

she told me get the money and count it for me when I rake it in,<br />

don’t play no games hoe,<br />

you know my name hoe,<br />

G-U-D-D-A propane flow


<i>[Thanks to denise for these lyrics]</i><br>


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