Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Back To You

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Ok, now give a little motion

I wanna get drunk and drink that potion

Got..and I'm not calling back

Got a lot of money I don't want my callin back

Yeah paid,as I renovate you a little work that I earned

I got a lot of work make a new track

When I'm back I want you to sit back and relax, rehab

No time for the beat, don't beat me

Better in the club like a white ..

Got new vision they don't see me

.. Like Zz

Hard up like Jay-z

Get up all the cash, gotta quit ..

This amazing

Now we got .. that sound that crazy


Living in the day, what did I say

Gained 23 points in the game like MJ

I don't really care what they say

But you're reaslly so hot, so come here babe

Gotta a big drink but I guess I'be believing it

..Better it

Get this, take this

someday the way I start my day

And now I'm gonna be the best


Try to be me but is relevate

That's what your face do when is double kick

Call better up..

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