Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Ay Man

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Lemme 'splain the difference 'tween you and I

Hot in Miami but you know I keep the coolest ride

Stop like yeah ragged rockin'

Pullin' up on the side is a suicide

Aye, you just a run-of-the-mill nigga

Here's the difference man I run with the mills, niggas can't eat I ain't done with the meal

See dem niggas that's grinnin' man they have fun with da steel

"Pharell, you a cool nigga. Let me shake your hand. You wear tight pants, you wear black bands, you wear long Vans, crib in the sky and,

I heard you got a crib in Virginia, in the sand."

Not you, you ain't a Rockport nigga

Nigga, yous a perjuror, you lie in court nigga.

You proly snithchy snitchy and proly bitchy bitchy

I don't wear them big chains no mo' because they itch me

Drop my girl off, pick up the enzo

Ridin' through highley, ride through kendall

Ride through cousetter?, ride through overtown

Where they leave dat ass on the ground

But you say that they know you now

But the difference is when dey see ya, will they hold ya down

See P grew up with a heroine pedal?,

They made fun of me cause I was a odd fellow

See I was half skate park I was half ghetto,

But you cut me open then u seen my bones made of metal

Here's my DNA yes it was essential

Unlike your after market rollin' presidential

Look at my automark? three hundred somethin'

Barack inspired (why?) the black one comin'

Pu-Pull up in that new thang all mellow

Then hop up out that pretty motherfucka like hello

Arm hangin' out da driverside window

Trynna get this pretty motherfucka to the crib-o

Pull up in that new thang all mellow

Then hop up out that pretty motherfucka like hello

Pull up in that new thang all mellow

Then hop up out that pretty motherfucka like hello

Hello ma, hey how ya doin'?

Hello ma, hey how ya doin'?

Hello ma, hey how ya doin'?

And they say money talk. Can you say how I'm doin?

I'm doin real well I'm doin real well

Got the Frank Mull and time will tell

Rock star bitch, like a Nine Inch Nail

Som'n sittin' on 25 inch wheels

We eatin' over here why would I miss meals?

Whisper in her ear give her thigh lip chills

Young moolah yeah I know you like dat baby

And she wanna be in the mix like a white-black baby

Weezy a.k.a. which one of ya'll girls want me

High-defintion tv in the front seat

Whatcha wanna do nigga I ain't neva scared

Theodore ass nigga you a teddy bear

I'm so hood and the hood everywhere

Thank god black card good everywhere

You like my shoes huh? well I got every pair

Elevator eyes, but I get every stair

I'm doin real fine I'm doin real fine

It took a lil' time it was just a hill climb

And now we at the top so let's pose for the pictures

'cause our money longer than the nose of da bitches?

And, and for mny shows do ya know what I'm gettin?

Like a mansion everynight it's fair to say I make a livin'

And hip hop never closed it just wasn't safe to visit

But I reopened it I'm bout to break the ribbon

I see it and I'm in it I do it how you dreamt it

Ice game dumber than O.J. Simpson

I ride next year check the numbers on the temps and

Hotta than a bitch check the numbers on my temp and ya boyfriend a bitch watch I treat him like a wimp and

We are all apes I remember when we were chimps and man, you can bet I'm gon' be limpin

I'm a be limpin yep

When I hop up out that pretty mothafucka like hello

Hop up out that pretty mothafucka like,

Like when I hop up out that pretty muthafucka like hello

Hop up out that pretty muthafucka like, um,

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