Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Aint Worried

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I’m that Dominican nigger yo bitch be talking bout

I’m in a different city you can fuck her now

I got a whole collection of my hoe collection

YMCMB no auto correction

I said fuck all you niggers, except my niggers

All you niggers gonna respect my niggers

Either that or get a whack on get back to the back of the neck my nigger

Yeah that Shorty which all which

Met the big dogs since she met my niggers

Got a big dream from a small town

Got a small circle, you never get around

Old hoes thinking Imma put them on that roof

Looking for the bad bitches Imma put them all down

Hoes been broke, who’s rich now?

I ain’t never had changed why switch now?

Money talks nigger I ain’t never heard shit

Y’all heard me spit and I heard the king loud

Got a motel with a flow, flow

Got a don’t know it’s a promo

Hell fo that’s a no no

I’m in the cup with a buck sipping ro-mo

I have no love for the popos

Imma need a little more dough from my uncle

Nigger work

What up? It’s Mac, the fortune teller

Nigger now put y’all on mine and shine

Nigro diamonds my nigger

Predicting the future, you need some lottery numbers

Nigger I got you

Put a nigger in that Hurst,

Make a nigger say damn G money

Don’t mean nothing

My young kill you for some sneakers

Dedication 5 no vacation

We in the end zone and we in the bleachers

We ain’t worried bout nothing

Gag down push the button

Get them out of here like 6 fall on

NBA lil nigger no swishing

Boy y’all close the case like Jaz Mills label

All you whack ass nigger stay out of Millz label

Big guns they go over the shoulder

My team strap no over all

Please don’t make me do it

Got soldiers and shooting

These bullets will swallow and shots like Khalua

Light up the weed then we fly like a rumor

Hop on a plane and forever you losers

Got racks on your head now you’re sweeping to sue

But boy if it’s one and we all coming after you

Smashing something like Gallagher

I seen the challenge the shots in your past

Hitting your girl and then passing out

Young money ain’t worried bout nothing

Nigger we ain’t worried bout nothing

Jae Millz

Nigger we ain’t worried bout nothing

Nigger we ain’t worried bout nothing

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