Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - Ain't I

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muthafuggin psychopath, young money cave men, muthafugga geico add. Fo' Fo' bulldog, f**k around and bite yo ass, shittin on you bitches now lemme flush the toilet and wipe my ass. bitch i'm all into like my cash, no i'm not i love my dough. got them hoes fallin like a hundred million dominoes. but i don't eat pizza, i eat pussy when he wouldn't... holla at ya guala, yeah bitch itz me, kickin muthafuggas out the kitchen heat. i'll put you where the fishes sleep and when they wake, you'll be the fishies feet...imma shark you see my fin hoe, bullet leave a hole in ya face not a dimple. straight from the N.O. it's no problemo to put a niggaz brians on the muthafuggin window..uggggh, damn right i'm nasty, how i come thru in that white eyed Aston. the leather guts and might i add in it's black on chrome like Darren McFadden. yeah. and don't be comparin my swag wit these wack-ass niggas thats o-so-swagless. yeah. and call me mr. swag-more, gotcha girlfriend open like some fuggin pores, or open like some fuggin doors. nigga its fugg you and i'm fuggin yours. from the bedroom to the floors...whores <br />

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