Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - A Milli (YouSo Remix)

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To whom it may concern,

You might sell a million more than me,

But you don't got a million more than me,

Let's get it real.


Let's do this thing.


Now I don't normally do this,

But ahh, let's get it.

A millionaire I am young money,

But, be clear my money so grown,

It got grey hair,

Though this Ne-Yo thang to you,

May look like a new career,

I've been the man behind the pimp,

Four about 8, 9 years.

Cut my vein let it leak,

On the sheet of the tablet,

I ain't lyin,

Man your girlfriend's favorite song is mine,

If I sang it then I wrote it,

Even if I didn't sing it,

Make the lyrics make a Mill,

Let another artist bring it,

R&B to Pop,

Even got them Hip-Hop records drop back like that,

To make me better,

Bust it baby pussy poppin,

Tell them mothers,


Why they hate I'm in Japan,

But a week makin Millis,

In languages I don't speak,

If the language's money man,

If I speak is rather fluent,

Man tango can get me about 30 times,

Of what you get,

Write it in 15 minutes,

A milli stack up,

I've been writin 9 years,

Take your time and add up,

I got hits on other people,

Not to mention my own,

There ain't many in my tax bracket,

Man I'm so alone,

Pack it up and send them home,

Pin on my microphone,

By the time they reach my level,

Man I'm already gone,

Come on,

Why it sound like it sayin' my name? y-yeah

ChaMilli ChaMilli ChaMilli ChaMilli

I'm you'llin on 'em like Soulja Boy

Bombin' on 'em like Ice-T

So you better do the right thing

Like a throwback Spike Lee

Chamillionaire, the mixtape god will answer your prayer

Now that the best verse on Milli is right here

If you ain't making a milli or more then what is you on the beat for?

Detour, he poor, but he say he a d boy

D boy? All the rappers act like they need war

But when it's war they equivalent to the peace core

I murder mixtapes for years, they probably told you "no way"

Everybody know the truth bout what I did in the past like OJ

You in the way of the paper chase when I get on the tollway

You better be able to jump an Aston Martin like you're Kobe

If you can't handle the trill then you'd better not interview me

Everybody's a gangsta, you fakers could never fool me

I live in a swab house, I stay Tony Draped up in jewelery

I know that I rap a lot so they leave the crib with the tooley

I don't really give a care about how any of these haters view me

Probably think he gon' shoot me, stretch me out like a dooley

Vivid imagination, colorful as a Coogi

Must of been watching Scarface and got your life out the movie

OKAY! I'm hearing snoring, the industry's getting boring

All of the millions they been enjoying, from publishing and touring

Write a cheque it's private jet, you write a cheque and it go boing

And I swear this track says milli so much that it can get annoying

Somebody please send a message to Bangladesh, I ain't the best

Today is backwards day, and that will also mean I ain't the fresh-

Est rapper, make a bet and I will take the bet

Was looking for a place to get, pulled out a pen and I placed a cheque

Somebody send a message to Dr. Dre and Eminem

They taking so long to drop that we jam Soulja Boy instead of them


Ok, A millie sold first day I went gold how do I celebrate work on the carter 4

Yup, I ain't here to brag nor boast, this is simply an attempt to thank you the most

You the fan, you the man, and to my female audience I hope you use sanitizer cause I'm kissin all ya hands

All my plans is well executed

This that electric music, you can get electrocuted

You know I extra do it, they say I'm the best to do

I say I'm better than who next to do it or whoever do it

They could never do it like me, I C O N, or you could call me MR. I GO IN

Boy you don't know nutthin bout me I am hip hop's proof

While they was hangin around I got that SlipKnot loose

I am Notorious, I'm 2pac in Juice

I'm the dude from off Reading Rainbow but in Roots,

No fruit, no sweet

Which emcee next ya'll new rappers like subway and I eat fresh

I know a lot of niggas did this shit already but check it

A million pier a million quier like feel like Wayne killed this best shit of the year

He want into the shell so a million niggas touched this beat but ain't nam nigga that can't fuck with me

My party is democrack I be rockin republic I be rockin we the crack niggas can't tell me nuthing

A milli I feel it I want it I get it you silly you really got plenty in any ma fuck ya city

You fakin caclin you hatin' revil it I'm making a milli you fancing contrilin how you gone look at it

I'm going fast ain't tryin to look back the shit I shoot a lot of them in the zone so activerit give me the rock

The clock tick I got the shit haters looking like he got to miss nah cause so hot with you gone rid the bench

I'm gone with tents sitting pretty like some pretty new activte yellin' out like how you feel about this

Ya'll piss I'm the shit like a panpper be they call me hugg the way pretty women panpper me

Straight to the voice mail you be yellin' answer me I get her mostire while whispering fast for me

Can't I be livin' like a fuckin' man I be life is such a fantasy rapping me in a can it be

Smoking a marwanja leans my wrist wet like panties be when she be pretending that her man was me and it be a milli a milli a milli up in the bank bitch


DAMN I got it

Purple and green diamonds they swang from my chest

Bigger and bigger man I think the Hawks on my neck

I'm brilliant, Jay-Z, Weezy, Breezy

So what's a million YEAH

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