Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - 3 N Morning

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Yea how ya'll doin' out there

I just like to tell ya'll my story

Yea, that's Right

Everybody in the crowd put ya 3's up

Yea, 3's up

Let's Go


3 in the mornin' I ain't home yet

Shorty blowin up my phone like a bomb threat

Wha goin' on baby why you on that

Knowin when I make it home I keep yo thong wet

Ok I'm on my way speedin' windows up

So have my food warm an have my pillows fluffed

She been through the water shorty brillo tough

Shorty took all of the shots like a lil cup

I wanna give her all an never give her up

I told her when it died down we can live it up

Where would you be, be without me

Don't doubt me be about me baby

I'm like


I'm like, as soon as I come home

I was workin long

She wanna kno what I was workin on

So I play her this song then make her feel wrong

But still an all in my eye sight she pass right

I can't trip cause no one love the fast life

Sittin' in the passenger seat hold tight

But she gets a whole platter with my whole life

But for me that to much to eat in one bite

But I'm a chew an jus do wha I gotta

Other bitches get the boot like a hot top Prada

Where would be, be without me

Don't doubt me be about me baby

I'm like

Can I talk to her

Yea, Umm

Leave the drama on daytime television

What is this detention it feels like elementry

I wish I never injured her or scar you

When I think fuck your bum of my furture baby there are you

I mean there is you pardon my visional

Pardon my mental see what I'm in to

See how I'm in to deep in this shit to

It ain't jus you it was us to

I trust you, you gotta trust me

Cause in them other bitches eyes I'm a must see

Now where would you be, be without me

Don't doubt me be about me girl

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