Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne - 100 Winters

rate me

SB don't spy seven five jeans

5000 islands on my fuckin wallet chain

I be wallin manye

I'm a island mayne

There ain't nothin else by me mayne (haha)

I tell them float on and

Go on to the ozone

I'm so gone my blunt

Like a pole long

I pro long

And hold on

To it like a trombone

I'm so blown

And um I got that cock back

I don't need that thumb bone

So come on

You get the one with the drum on


That's the one that goes dit


I'm so terrific when I spit

Put my foot up in yo ass

Now I'm kickin in yo shit

Now I'm pitchin at yo bitch

And she catch it with her lip

Nah she catch it with her mouth

And since I'm the president,

She tried to catch it on her blouse

I tell her,


Easy baby!

I'm king cake so she eat the baby!


Shit gets way more crazierr

We flip the bitch

Like she was in the gymnaserm

I ain't fuckin with the bitches with the stadium

That's no dome

Bitch go home!




Bitch I spent the hundred winters on my snow cone

Lil nigga walkin like he get his bowl on

Boss man

Pimp stro pimp stro

I can let my money go when the wind blow

Then it come right back like a rental

And bet them bitches understand me like 10 fo

Niggas is simple

Like instrumentals

I bet you bitches understand me like info

Get ya top chopped

And get trimmed low

Somethin like my benzo

Ridin with my friend's hoes

No I mean my hoe's friends

Fuckin all my hoe's friends

Takin all my hoe's ends

That will make that globe spin

I tell these young niggas

Pimp or die

Won't get that benz if they don't split them

Eyes dip 'em thighs thin 'em


And if you reach at I

I don't preach I screach and give you beef with them fries


Come to the beach and find I live where all the little seagulls fly

See, baby I'm so high all I need you to do is just shutup and cry! (haha)

Yeah! look,

n Me 'n mac is just two niggas from the same hood

Fell from the same tree cut from the same wool

I'm just the young lion, and he the young bull

Now slam me da bull

That pistol on my hip now I gotta hand in the pool

I had a lammy in school, I think it was diablo red

I'm T.I red, I'm T.I red, you D.I ed, because of what you said

Chyee! I'm sharp as an image! and I keep it bumpin like a

Mothafuckin blemish! two twins drink me up like guinness!

When I'm finished, I say FILL IT!

When I'm finished they say Weezy you killed it

Hop on yo shit and they say Weezy you heeled it

So fly I got wings tattooed on me

A gun glued on me, but I pop ya in ya stomach

Now I got yesterday's food on me, now that was real rude homie

And I smell like a weed plant, Young Money muthafucka where that cheese at?

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