LIL TWIST - If You Only Knew

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Baby i know what you’re thinking assuming that my loves the same as the guys that you know

But baby What if you’re wrong

Eh, and girl you know my feet be naked

Walking on the journey and love and this road Just goes on

And I’ma hold on, hold on

Pre Chorus:

And girl i know we young

But baby i got what you want

And with this love we can’t go wrong ooh


Just wake up you love is right here

And I’m done just living in fear

You Gotta know that I’m right

It's you Ooohhh

And my mind is made up, my heart is right here

I’m never get to your love unless I’m going to fight

It's you ooh

[Pre Chorus:]


Around my living room is where I’ve been pacing

Nervous for your love your smile is stuck in my head

It’s so amazing

Forget all of these dollars that i’m making

I wish that i could trade it all in for your love instead

You’re so amazing

[Pre Chorus:]


She say i never ever Plan On letting go

Matter fact i think i'm ready boo as far as marriage go

I say i know I’m still young but im really thinking so

Shit, all i know is that never got this feeling once before Yo make me feel different girl when I’m around you

First day meeting ya I crowned ya

I’m falling too fast tryin not to harass

But i’ma make sure i'm better then your last put his ass in the past

and yeah

[Pre Chorus:]


The End!

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Thanks to Kristen for correcting these lyrics

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