Lil Trill

Lil Trill - Far Off lyrics

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(feat. Lil Boosie & Lil Phat)


mayne these niggas can’t see me

I put that on everything, from money to cars

From the house to the broads

Living life like a star,ballin like no tomorro

see this jockers cant see me cause i b balling so far im far off im far off im far off oh u cant see me im far off im far off im far off im headed straight for the moneyy....

lil phat:

20 bands in my jeans on me so i can feel right and im in love with my drank so keep my ? the youngestt far outt we count out they eye seight exsotic kush in my blunts they keeep my eyes tight pull it up in bently and keep my vibe right studio at the house we griding every night and dont think because im 17 that i wont pull this 40 out with this red beam and point it right at ur head ur dead on scene these of paper president we got dead in and i think the life was bout 10 bars cook it then count my bars like im on 10 bars 10 cars in my yard we going hard my boy no old schools everything foreign cars ? thats my everyday carr loaded behind yes u cant see me im too farr.

lil trill: im too lazy


Thanks to oscar for correcting these lyrics

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