Lil Scrappy

Lil Scrappy - Young And Famous

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(feat. Stayfresh)

Hello Streets

It's Is Ur Main Man Stay Fresh From The Lifestyles Of The Young And Famous

Today We're Here To Talk About Money

And When I Mean Money, I Mean Money In The Bank

Little Scrappy's Bme Charm Cost An Estimated 250,000 Of Stone

And It's Not Jus Scraapy Whos Iced Out

It's His Family Also

His Little Baby Girl Imani Sports Diamonds Straight From The Cierra Lione Mounatins

And With Little Scrappy's Network Climbing Stealthily

Gs Up Is Set To Become The Number 1 Label In The Industry

With His Mougles Little Jon And 50 Cent By His Side

His Network Is Approimately 100,000,000

This Is Ur Man Stay Fresh

Thank U For Tuning In To The Lifestyles Of The Young And Famous

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