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Lil Scrappy - Still Down lyrics

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Baby it's me and you, no matter what your goin through. Even when your flow is low and your chips are down, I'm gun always be around. You been huffin puffin al choked up, cuz lately times been ruff. But baby dont you worry cuz your girls still down, I'm gun always be around.

I know you really down for a nigger when he needs you. Be there when we rich and even when we broke too. When I'm in jail puttin money on my book boo. When I touch down give me lovin like you spost too. Don't leave baby, I really need you here. Cuz I'm a young bad boy, goin through pains by myslef. Got a whole bunch of nigga's really hatin my guts. I love you baby, not them other hoes and sluts. Time after time, through my hate and my grind. You stay down for a niggar, that one helped me shine. Drinkin liqour and wine, I was never blind. I got a 100 dollar bill what I need with a dime? Yea girl your mine, ewould ya care to stay around. Your the hottest bitch I ever found. Girl confessing my love, cuz your here and I aint got bunz and now that I got tunz I wanna give you some,


You was down with me while doing green, the things yea look at me. Stayin fine in them jeans, a down beautiful queen. Stayin wit when I feaned damn most beautiful hair, I ever seen. Teachin a niggar what love means. When I made the mistake and hit ya, a over jealous isha, I cried right wit ya. We both used tisha, and when I'm on the road I miss ya. And if you ever go broke baby girl I'll fix ya.


You been huffin and puffin, cuz the worlds on your shoulders. You been huffin and puffin, just know I'll be right here. You been huffin and puffin, no matter what you go through. You been huffin and puffin, I'll be here, I'll be right here for you.


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