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Lil Scrappy - Look Like This lyrics

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Quarter, Quarter million dollars just to look like this,

Just to look like this,

Just to look like this

In the kitchen cookin chickens just to look like this

Just to look like this

Just to look like this

I'm a monsta at blowin ganja I need to stop

And I bought that 200, 000 spent on da watch

You can chill holmes on da real dawg umma fool

Quarter mil blown, half a mill gon for da juice

I'm a walkin lick, talkin brick

Icey is

Diamonds on my neck-o-liss, diamonds on my wrist and fist

Mirror, mirror, mirror

Who diamonds are bigga

My ice will make ya shiver

My pinky ring december

Gucci Man, Gucci fit, Gucci shades and Gucci kit

How much money gucci got, how much money gucci keep

Bright show light show, late nite 2nite show

Don't I look nice yo

So icey

Ok now listen, glisten

My neck and wrist is glisten

Dat dope beat in my truck can't turn it down you gotta listen

In da sub division, back in da kitchen

Helpin mama get da

Liquidation sales, certified cash

So I can be on beams just like a magnifying glass

Aww man, dis shit is so appealing

My jewelry be so loud you glance up at the ceiling

Haters be catchin feelings so I'm dealin witta

Witta bad bitch and she rollen up da blunt fa me

I call'er aunt jamima with da gucci apron

Black bandana mix it up and then bake it

Dirty money, I throw it in da hamper

Me and gucci mane swurvin threw atlanta

Peace ta scrappy, I leave dem broke niggaz sick

Cause da

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