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Lil Scrappy - Look At Me lyrics

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I got my own shoe

I pay my own due

I got my own girl

I got my hore

I got my own shit

Just like my own weed

So just get upon...

I'm not talking shit

Look at me <i>[repeats]</i>

This little...

Can you chase it?

Kept my own money home

Why would I waste it?

Money got...

Of course I'm gonna chase it

Got my own...

So you know I got to face it

Girl you see me

You know I got my own

So they holler

Girl if you don't have your own

Don't bother

Cause truffle I was told by my mama

She said any girl I get mixed up her pockets ta-ta

You ain't get no...

I got my own bitches

Own houses own cash

If I'm doing dirt

Man I'm on my own task

Got my own good

And my own mess

... I'll be owned

... keep your weed man

I got my own man

I know you heard it


I'm a grown man

I walk my own streets

So I got my own...

What's wrong with you dude?

Why you ain't got your own shoes?

You're all news

And you're old on views

... you're on your own homey

I know it started to feel like it's something wrong dummy

I got my own... you can't trace them

My own life own taste

Every day I eat...

Try to replace them

You can't cause they're all mine

I clean my won street with two...

You better watch how you move boy

Don't speak

Rock boy

But not with J-lo

You can get a hello

Baby I'm on my own


Bitch I'm real

Why you are all up in my grill?

Just got to slow dose

And I need a refill <i>[repeats]</i>


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