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Aye.. (Like me), C'mon

G's up, git cha cheeze up (Aye)

You know whudd it is mayn', Uhh (G's up, git cha cheeze up, Aye)

It's ya boy, Lil' Scrap (Y'all niggaz wanna be like me, like me)

Don't no body really know my struggle (Y'all niggaz wanna be like me)

But they wanna be, where I'm at (Y'all niggaz wanna be like me)

Well go through the pain nigga, cause (Y'all niggaz wanna be like me)

Only the Good Lord know (Yup!)

I think they wanna ride like me, like me

Have a bitch on the passenga side like me, like me

Yea, I think they wanna shine like me, like me

On TV with the fame like me, like me

Yea, they wanna wear a chain like me, like me

I think they Wanna be trained like me, like me (Yea!)

Yea they wanna have the game like me, like me (Come on!)

But don't wanna go through pain like me, like me (Lemme explain somethin' to y'all mayn')

I know you see me shinin'

With the yellow diamond

Don't be thinkin' dat ya boy ain't been grindin'

I was with my momma

And there was alot of drama

We sold crack from the winta all through the summa

Yea, we went through pain

We was stackin' change

Payin' the cost to live in the street, mayn'

Sold cocaine, just a lil' powda

Sellin' weed trynna make a coupla extra dollas

Tha shit I been through, a nigga should've been a schollar

All nite trynna sleep hearin' pistols holla (Damn!!)

Now when ___ died

You know a nigga cried

Not havin' him around

You know it hurt inside

Gotta have shelta ova my lil' sista

Momma wonderin' round cause she a drug deala

I gotta give it to her cause she a real nigga

I'll kill any muthafucka doin' somethin' to her (Yup!!)

Uhh.. Look

They wanna be on stage, (Riiight)

They wanna get paid (Owh)

But they don't know the hurt (Hurt!)

And they can't feel my pain (owhh!!)

On stage gettin' hit with a bottle

Knocked out, not even know if I'ma rap tommorow (Aye!)

In the hospital, straight bruised up

Got a cut from my lip and my thumbs up (Damn!)

It's kind of fucked up (Yea)

Cuz I was showin' love (Love)

I was givin' hugs (Hugs)

Chillin' with the thugs (Thugs)

All I'm trynna do is show love to err'body

God let me alive so I can tell about it (Amen)

See I don't scream and shout it, but I go to Church

What ya know about puttin' in dat ___ work

They throwin' up signs and they dyin' for it (I'm Crip and a Blood)

Niggaz takin' lives goin' jail, payin' fo' it

Ain't nothin' left afta Death but Heaven itself

And if ya go to jail ya seed will have no help

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