Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - Summer Time

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[Lil' Rob]YeahHey homey, it's summer timeI'm a take a little cruiseBarbecue out the park and shitSwigging on a 32(Verse 1)It's summer time, homeboyStepped in til about twoJumped in my ride, hit my switchCause you know, holmes, that's what we doHit the liquor store, bumper on the floorGot myself a six-packWalking out the den, that's how my homeboy pullin' upIn a Fleetwood CadillacCandy blue, with an attitudeHey ese, what you gonna doSame thing as you, get a six, pack a tooSmoke a joint and catch some altitudeAfter that, I'll probably throw a cruiseBumpin' some old school, rhythm and bluesWith the top down, nothing like itThere's no other time quite like summer timeBreak: Fingazz{*scratching*}"Summer timeAnd the livin' isIs easy" --> Brenda And The Tabulations"You know how we do""Nothing like the" --> Lil' Rob"Summer timeAnd the livin' isIs easy" --> Brenda And The Tabulations"You know how we do""With the top town"Bumpin' oldies" --> Lil' Rob(Verse 2)The sun is out, and I'm out and aboutOn E, but I won't run out, come on, homeyYou know how we doWord up on three, to the barbecueProbably won't eat, but I'll drink a fewIf you got some weed, then I'll drink with youSittin' on the bench, with my back against the fenceSwiggin' on a 32What's happenin', baby, she said, "Wait a minuteAren't you the oldie manThe only man who can make a rap jamWithout fuckin' up the oldie jam"Oh, yes I am, by the way, who are you andWhat do you like to doMeet me right outside, I got my ride outsideLet's take a little summer time cruise (If that's alright with you)Repeat Break(Verse 3)The freaks come out at night, looking to exciteAny man that comes within the sightTake no woman light, with the dress all tightWalk on by, look really niceSmell so good, like a woman shouldBrought up in the neighborhoodWith the pretty face and the tighty waistAny man would take a second lookBut we're driving O.G.'s, bumpin' oldiesHide your hatin', homey, sittin' in the fortiesScrapin' and takin' the pavementPart of the summer time entertainmentThere's no other way I could say itThere's no other way to explain itThere's no other timeQuite like summer timeRepeat Break[Fingazz]"YeahSummer timeAnd the livin' is so easySummer timeAlright" --> Brenda And The Tabulations

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