Lil' Rob

Lil' Rob - Ooh Baby Baby

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[Verse 1]

I hope you don't mind but I'd like to steal a moment

Of your time I just want to get to know you all it took

Was one look and I was hypnotized mesmerized by your

Pretty smile and your pretty eyes your so captivating

Defiantly soul shaking breathtaking got me craving for

Your lovemaking I'd like to get together to get to know

You a little better the kind of things you like if you like

Me too you know whatever I'll pick you up for a date

And I'll promise I won't be late in fact I'll be early cause to

Be honest with you I just can't wait


Ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby

[Verse 2]

I'd love to take you out maybe we can hit the town would

You like that dinner and a movie I mean we can go dancing

Cruise around how's that sound like to show you a good time

If you wouldn't mind it would be my pleasure see I can't think

Of anything better or anything I would rather do what could

Beat the time with you share a couple of thoughts share a couple

Of laughs with you that will do I just know I can have a blast

With you let the good times roll I'd like make them to last with you


Ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby

What must I do to be alone with youuuuu,

ohhhhh babyyyy, tell em' rob

[Verse 3]

What you think I just need the opportunity girl you don't know what you

Do to me if I was yours I would be exclusively yours to enjoy any way you

Want to I don't only want you but I need you and I'll do anything to please

You you can teach me things and there's somethings I could teach you I don't

Mean to jump the gun I'm just happy I got to meet you just one touch from

Your fingertips just one kiss from your sweet sweet lips would make me flip

And be like


Ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby

Ooh baby baby

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